Saba Innab – Al Rahhalah (The Traveler)

Saba Innab
Al Rahhalah (The Traveler)
13 September 2016 - 30 December 2016

Al Rahhalah (The Traveler) rethinks dwelling and building in temporariness departing from the Palestinian refuge, exile and migration. It is a process of collecting spaces, architectural typologies and know-hows of dwelling in suspension and waiting.

Reclaimed from personal memory and experience, those spaces are then recreated and materialized, becoming a topographic realm between the past and the present; forming an archeological site, or a record inscribed in the architecture of our everyday life.

The 1980’s are reclaimed through a residential building in Kuwait as a point of departure that unfolds into other spaces and other forms of migration and exile. By freezing a visual memory of a space then deconstructing it into angles, materials and shadows, another layer is revealed; regional references, alienation and attempts to unravel the unknown emerge in the context of processes of modernity- modernization in the host countries. This space becomes not only an extension of Palestinian refuge, but also part of the de-territorialization of the working class and migrant workers in the region and around the world.

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