Marfa’ works with local and regional artists to produce and present idea-based projects that engage with Beirut’s diverse contemporary art scene.

Marfa’ Projects was founded by Joumana Asseily in 2015 and builds on her deep links with the city’s independent non-profit art scene. The gallery is located in two garages near the customs house in the Marfa’ neighborhood, which means port in Arabic. Beirut’s port has long been one of the foundations of the city’s economic life, a key transit point for goods and information between Lebanon and the world.

On August 4th, 2020 Beirut was decimated by a criminally negligent bomb resulting in over 200 deaths, 6,000 seriously injured; and 300,000 people left without homes. This unimaginable tragedy took place in the port, the heart of Beirut. The neighbourhood where we have lived and worked for the past five years was destroyed, including Marfa’s gallery space.

On May 21st, 2021. The gallery reopened its space with a group show titled Water, reuniting the artist of the gallery.

We pursue our beliefs and our mission to support local artists to build links internationally, as well as to provide a platform in Beirut for the work of pertinent international artists. Two key elements of the exhibitions program are parallel events and publications that are released with every exhibition, and that aim at engaging with contributors and with the local audience.

Practical Information
P.O. Box 11-4496
Beirut, Lebanon
Tuesday to Friday, 12 – 7pm
Saturday, 2 – 6pm
And by appointment

Tel. +961 1 571 636, +961 3 020 636

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