Saba Innab

Saba Innab

Saba Innab is an architect, urban researcher, and artist practicing out of Amman and Beirut. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Her work was exhibited at Carnegie International (2018), La Biennale d’Architecture  d’Orléans (2017), the Marrakech Biennale 6 (2016), Home Works 7 in Beirut (2015), as well as in Lest the two Seas Meet at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2015), and Hiwar at Darat al Funun in Amman (2013–2014). Her solo shows include Station Point at IFA in Berlin (2019), Inscribed on Sight at Art Basel Statements (2019), and On-longing at Darat al Funun in Amman (2012).

She has worked as an architect and urban designer with UNRWA on the reconstruction of the Nahr el Bared Camp in the North of Lebanon, a project that was nominated for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2013.

She has participated in Home Workspace Project 2011-2012. Most recently, she has received the visiting research fellowship initiated by Studio-X Amman, Columbia University (2014).

Through painting, mapping, sculpture, and design, her work explores the suspended states between temporality and permanence, and is concerned with variable notions of dwelling, building, and language in architecture.