Stéphanie Saadé – The Second Space

Stéphanie Saadé
The Second Space
19 January 2017 - 31 March 2017

The work of Stéphanie Saadé develops a language of suggestion, playing with poetics and metaphor. She shares clues, signs, imageless and occasionally silent trails with us, which interact like the words of a single sentence. It is for the viewer to decipher them, as would an archaeologist faced with traces, fossils, and fragments. This enigmatic quality often stems from the artist’s own experience. With Stéphanie Saadé, the immaterial is actual matter, perpetuated by memory beyond the exhibition and the experiences it engenders.

About the Artist

List of Works

1- Back Entrance
2017, work in situ
For the whole duration of the exhibition, access to the gallery will be inverted, with the back entrance serving as the main entrance.
2- Elastic Distance
2017, program, mobile phone
On a mobile phone screen, an ever-changing number, corresponding to the distance between the artist and her exhibition, is displayed.
3- Golden Memories
2015-2017, 5 childhood photographs, 24-carat gold leaf, various dimensions
Photographs from the artist’s childhood are covered over in gold leaf. The past memories are no longer accessible and instead reflect the present.
4- Re-Enactment FR/ Self
2017, mirrors, pedestal, belt, 35 x 35 x 165cm
A pedestal, glimpsed at in a store window in Paris, is reproduced. Of human size and encircled at its middle by a belt, it mirrors the surrounding space in all directions.
5- Highlight
2017, plug, electrical wire
One of the fluorescent lights suspended from the gallery’s ceiling is fed, unlike the others, by a power cable stemming from the ground up.
6- Re-Enactment LB/ Chain
2017, rusted and new chain, padlock, 2 x 10 x 105cm
An apparatus seen in Beirut is reproduced. A rusted and a new piece of the same chain are held together by a padlock.
7- Graceful Degradation
2013, welded iron, stainless steel and brass, 4 x 40 x 270cm
A ladder is made of three different metals, each one more precious than the last.
8- Down to Earth
2015, prints on paper, 40 x 50cm
The artist looks for her birthdate in three drop-down menus, at ten year intervals. With the years passing, the date goes down, until it disappears.
9- Identity in Change
2017, passport photograph, silver leaf, 3.5 x 4.5cm
A recent identity photograph of the artist is covered over with silver leaf; it will begin oxidizing on the first day of the exhibition.
10- Thin Ice
2015, diamond earring, floor
A real diamond is inlaid in the floor of the gallery. The visitor inadvertently walks on it.
11- Moongold
2016-2017, photograph, Moon Gold leaf, 15 x 10 cm (each)
On random photographs taken by the artist, the moon, appearing very small, is gilded with Moon Gold leaf.
12- The Second Space
2017, old wooden beam, three brass itineraries, belts, beam: 29 x 29 x 460cm
The three paths followed by the artist as a child to reach school from her home are carved into an old wooden beam coming from a traditional Beiruti house.
13- Double Altitude
2017, pencil on paper, 27 x 40cm
Two lines, corresponding to the height of the artist and her height when she is standing on the tip of her toes, are drawn on a sheet of paper.
14- Contemplating an Old Memory
2017, 24-carat gold cast of a lentil seed, live lentil sprout of the same seed, plates, water, dimensions variable
A lentil seed is molded and cast in gold. The same original seed is then left to sprout and grow. The cast and the growing plant are exhibited side by side.
* People Your Age
2017, performance,
33 people, sharing the same birthdate as the artist, and who have all just reached the age of 34, are invited to the exhibition’s opening; they will celebrate their reunion at what is also their first encounter.