Seta Manoukian – Dew Drops

Seta Manoukian
Dew Drops
25 June 2024 - 7 September 2024

In “Dew Drops,” Seta Manoukian displays works made in the last two decades which have never been exhibited in Lebanon. The exhibition includes a wide range of works from various series which are linked by threads of themes of work that have been present from the start of her career as an artist.

After Manoukian’s move to Los Angeles in 1985, a completely unfamiliar place which was dominated by freeways, the artist turned to nature as a refuge in response to a rejection of what she saw in the city. Body fluids (blood), eggs, roses and bread became the subjects of her works. In seeing nature as continuous life and death in concert with a more dedicated practice in and commitment to Buddhism, and work creates a balance of two practices of art and Buddhism. Delicate and fertile eggs multiply and are supported by colourful structures, while others also crack, with the potential life lost. Blood spirals and moves in the boules as life, violence and death exist in the forms simultaneously.

The themes of duality and delicate acts of balance and movement are of the most dominant themes in Seta’s works throughout her career. Heavy rocks both pull the hair but are simultaneously being supported by the unexpected strength of hair evoking a sense of suspension and balance of heaviness and lightness that people experience. While it’s unclear if they may be pulled up or down, the Fluid series challenge a notion of time-space and if the fluids are flowing down or up.

Manoukian calls for visitors to consider Rumi’s quote while spending time with the paintings: “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop” and to look at the works with intuition, self-awareness and a turn towards one’s own consciousness.

Kristine Khouri.